Music should be like a picture and be able to tell a story. That is what makes it interesting for me. A lot of my songs start with a fictitious movie scene in my head and I write the music to it. Often it's just a glimpse but with a full backstory. The thing with these movie scenes is also why I name my albums very often after movies. Although I've never seen these movies. It just helps me to picture it. And although movies play such a big role in my music, I'm a film philistine. Seldom that I watch a movie to the end and most of the time I just rewatch the same over and over again. I'm not so concerned about the story as much as about the ambience and mood. And same goes for music.

— Nico



Scarlet Dawn (2022)

Scarlet Dawn is about addiction while the name is a metaphor for a fading out drug trip after a long night, when outside of the window a new day begins and sunlight exposes the dirty reality inside. The album features a more beat-focused style than previous releases and is influenced by Psychedelic Rock.



Trip to the Moon (2021)

This is a tribute to the first EPs from 2016, Pathfinder and Pathways. The EP series was about exploration and that feeling when you leave everything behind to face new paths. Trip to the Moon features two tracks from Pathfinder, two tracks from Pathways and two previously unreleased tracks, which were all reworked to tie them in one album together.

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Night and the City (2020)

The first full-length album features eight tracks composed between 2016 and 2019. The track names and their range from euphoric to melancholic reflecting a film noir like night out in a city taken from Charles Bukowski novels. It was inspired by the idea of an artist performing the art of being drunk on stage. This is an ode to the beauty of melancholy.

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